Yuterra Colors

Interactive customer engagement

We created an innovative social media platform that has enabled Yuterra to add a stimulating, interactive dimension to their website.

The platform is sub branded ‘Colors’ – a name that communicates ideas of creativity, inspiration and style and that also works as an international URL. The multi coloured typography has a handscripted, personal look and style. The brandmark is a colour wheel that acts both as part of the name and as a versatile graphic device that can be used in the various brand colours as a secondary navigation mark for different postings. To add interest and reflect the digital medium, the symbol has been designed to animate so that it can ‘spin’ around in its different colours.

This added communication channel enables Yuterra to share interesting ideas and new products for the home with their target audience. It also invites customers to post up their own images and comments on how they have used Yuterra products to ‘make up their homes’.