Smolenskiy Passage Business Centre

Creating a premium experience

Smolenskiy Business Centre is an established commercial centre located above the iconic Smolenskiy Passage shopping centre in the heart of Moscow.

There was a need to upgrade the ground floor reception to the Business Centre in order to increase its presence within the overall development, create a more premium and inviting feel to the space and provide an added facility for tenants. This needed to be carried out as a retrofit, with the work undertaken whilst the Centre was still operating.

We redefined the Smolenskiy brand colour palette to reflect the business nature of the interior environment. We drew on textures and ideas from the shopping centre brand and applied them in a subtle way to create attractive ambient graphics. We introduced recessed lighting, dark timber panelling and textured treatment to glass walls as part of the interior design scheme.

Our work included a new reception desk, tenant directory, wayfinding and signage, seating, meeting rooms, partitions, doors, lift lobbies, corridors and general circulation space.