Bold innovation

Our brief was to transform the workplace environments for five media companies owned by WPP, all situated in 9,500m2 of office space within a high-rise modern office block in Moscow. Each workplace concept needed to achieve a strong sense of individual character, reflecting the personality and ethos of each brand.

MEC is the fifth largest media agency network in the world, with domestic and international clients generating global billings of over $20 billion. MEC values are to do with being innovative and ambitious and their visual style is unconventional. The workplace concept brings these values to life in the physical environment.

A key creative inspiration is MEC’s iconic brand signature featuring a striking multi-layered portal symbol. We deconstructed this signature and interpreted it in various ways through high impact applied graphics using texture patterns and the brand colours of bright green and shades of greens.

The workplace environment expresses the company’s ethos of maintaining human values in a changing digital environment. It features a bold expression of the brand mission statement, framed individual ‘character’ style photos of the MEC team, blurred motion city images and a warm, colourful MEC café.

We also specified furniture, fittings, furnishings, lighting and planting to complete the overall upgrade of the workplace.