Group M

Communicating corporate brand personality

Our brief was to transform the workplace environments for five media companies owned by WPP, all situated in 9,500m2 of office space within a high-rise modern office block in Moscow. Each workplace concept needed to achieve a strong sense of individual character, reflecting the personality and ethos of each brand.

Group M is WPP’s consolidated media investment management operation, serving as the parent company for all of WPP’s media agencies. The Group M values are about inspired leadership and their tone of voice is confident, informed and direct. The client wanted their offices to reflect their corporate style within an ambience that conveyed a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment as well as continuity.

We therefore drew on images of nature to communicate an inspired sense of harmony and beauty through applied graphics. Abstract duotone photography of trees and leaves are in the corporate Group M blue and a fresh contrasting green. Fret cut dividers reflect organic shapes in nature. An attractive floral pattern adds to the nature theme while also introducing a sense of heritage.

We also specified furniture, fittings, furnishings, lighting and planting to complete the overall upgrade of the workplace.