Amaltea Business Centre, Skolkovo

Wave of light

Amaltea is a 200 metre long atrium building located in the heart of the new Skolkovo Innovation Centre, the planned high technology business ‘city’ near Moscow. Amaltea connects with an event centre at one end of the building and with the Technopark at the other end.

A multi functional facility, with a GBA of 78,000 m2 and a GLA of 41,000 m2, Amaltea is an airy, enclosed, glazed concourse between different buildings and areas within Skolkovo and links to the office buildings that adjoin it at different levels through bridges, escalators and lifts. Amaltea also provides key facilities for office workers and visitors. The interior creates public space through seating and circulation areas, together with the amenities of cafeterias, restaurants and shops.

The brand identity is inspired by the architecture. The ‘wave’ graphic echoes the dynamic shape of the glass roof, designed to allow maximum light into the space and the main brand colour, an elegant blue, reflects the open feel of the building interior.

We designed and detailed all aspects of wayfinding and signage together with interior environmental concepts and treatment of the public areas such as seating, ceiling, floor and wall finishes. Different colours and finishes for the various zones create different moods to distinguish between ‘through’ and ‘dwell’ areas. We added drama and interest through attractive lighting ‘trees’ and large, circular suspended lighting features that maximise the volume of space within the building.