About Us

What we do

Through design we

  • The environment around us…
  • The way we experience the world…
  • Commercial performance…
  • Employee motivation…
  • Competitive differentiation…
  • Customer engagement…

Who we are

Over two decades of differentiation

An independent company founded in 1991 by our Chairman, Clive Woodger, our mission has always been to deliver outstanding results that optimise return on investment for clients. Being independent means clients come first – not corporate shareholders. Through relationships that have stood the test of time, reputation, recommendation and repeat business, we have grown to be one of the leading brand design consultancies and the most experienced in Russia.

Our team resource includes:
Marketing & Communications Consultants
Graphic, Interior/Environment, Lighting & Digital Designers
Architects & Project Managers

How we work

We are international, multidisciplinary and multichannel

We combine different disciplines and tailor our services to suit specific project requirements. Our transparent, step-by-step approach fully involves clients so that there is openness of communication, clarity of decision-making and we arrive together at agreed solutions.

We strive to live our values in all that we do…